Band Instrument Repair

'Steve Carnahan offers complete band instrument repair' at the Music Service Center.

Instrument Repair

Let the Music Service Center fix any problem that you may have with your band instrument.

Instrument Maintenance

Does you instrument need a cleaning or appraisal? We can help.


How much to clean my instrument?

Cleaning is approached differently with the types of band instruments especially between the woodwinds and the brass.

A common brass cleaning is the chemical clean which should be done every couple of years. For woodwinds different levels of work can apply so it would be best that you give us a call.

What types of instruments do you repair?

We service all the bass and woodwind type instruments common (and some not so common) to the band genre. Some examples are: trumpets, euphoniums, the clarinet & saxophone families of instruments, flutes, piccolos, and (oh yes) the tubas.

We also work on percussion instruments (school related and personal drums & drumsets) and the Orff type classroom instruments.

Can you tell us the value of our instrument?

We can provide some assistance with appraising your band instrument. Please call us about your instrument or bring it in. Be alert to our walk-in hours. 3 PM - 6 PM Monday thru Friday. 9 AM - 12 PM Saturdays.

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