Guitar Repair

Chase Cassidy is repairing guitars at the Music Service Center of Gillette.

Guitar Repairs

Does your guitar need new strings. or maybe the action adjusted? Call or stop by today!


What guitar repair services do you offer?

With over 20 years of experience and being a graduate of the Robero Venn School of Luthiery,  Chase can offer electric & acoustic guitar 'setups',  truss rod adjustments,  neck re-fretting, custom bone bridges , crack repair,  pickup replacement and general guitar electronic repair.

Also available at Music Service Center is  Luther Tom Dietz.  Tom is an acoustic builder having completed totally from quality blank selects woods  (in his very complete shop), four hand made acoustic guitars.  He is our "go-to" for acoustic body damage, neck breaks, binding damage, etc.

Norm does  the basic restrings of guitars and other instruments  (violins, viola, cellos, mandolins, banjo, etc.)  Norm & Tom are both skilled at violin, viola, cello, & bass bridge work.  Also finger board & peg repair.

How much to replace the strings on my guitar?

Basic restring labor is $20.00 on a 6 string acoustic in average condition. Price of the strings is in addition to the labor cost.

Please call for more specific pricing based on your specific situation.

Contact Norm Curtis for more repair info....

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